• Onlays


    Onlays are like partial crowns.  They can conserve tooth structure but only replacing the part of the tooth that needs the strength from a crown.

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  • Crowns


    Crowns, sometimes called caps, are restorations made from gold or porcelain that cover the entire chewing surface of the tooth.  They help restore form and function to teeth as well as strengthen.

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  • Inlays


    Inlays are essentially lab made fillings.  The advantage is that inlays are stronger because they are made from gold or porcelain and usually last longer.

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  • Composite/Resin Fillings

    Composite/Resin Fillings

    Composite fillings are the most common restoration used in modern dentistry.  While “filling” material is bonded to tooth structure to replace tooth structure lost to decay or chipping.

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